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James Power
Aged:  50 years.  
Died:  21 December, 1857.
Resided:  Chapel Lane
Born:  Killaloe, Clare.

No death notice.

Bridget O’Brien
Aged: 11 years.
Died:  24 June, 1885.
Resided:  Walker’s Place, Derry.
Born:  Co. Clare.

No death notice.

Ellen Searl
Aged:  25 years.
Died:  8 June, 1895.
Resided:  7 Edenmore Street, Derry.
Born:  Kilkee, Co. Clare.

No death notice.
Alice Searl
Aged:  18 years.
Died:  7 April, 1898.
Resided:  9 Ivy Terrace, Derry.
Born:  Carrigaholt, Clare.

SEARL:  April 7, 1898 at her father’s residence 9 Ivy Terrace, Derry.  Alice, fifth daughter of George Searl, aged 18 years.  Funeral will leave for City Cemetery tomorrow Saturday the 9th inst at 3 o’clock.  Friends will please accept this the only intimation.    
Derry Journal:  Friday, April 8, 1898.
Arthur John Adair
Aged:  33 years.
Died:  16 May, 1900.
Resided:  21 Crawford Square, Derry.
Born:  Ennis, Co. Clare.

No death notice

Anne Doherty
Aged:  70 years.
Died:  16 February, 1906.
Resided: 8 St. Columb’s Street, Derry.
Born:  Clare.

Obituary:  An interesting local personality has just passed away in the person of Mrs Anne (Nancy) Doherty, travelling by the Lough Swilly line from Derry.
The deceased was a humble woman, a fruit vendor and had the privilege within the station accorded her by the management.  Here she pursued her calling for almost a generation in quiet, decent industry, and she with considerable patronage and respect.  She was a worthy old soul, and her merits commended her to everybody who knew her.  Amongst her other privileges she was allowed to travel by the trams free.  Yesterday, the interment took place in the City Cemetery, and was largely attended by the working class.  Father McGeown officiated at the grave.
Derry Journal.  Monday:  February 19, 1906
Patrick McAvoy
Aged:  64 years.
Died:  6 March, 1907.
Resided:  104 St. Columb’s Wells, Derry.
Born:  Co. Clare.

No death notice.

Henry Searl
Aged:  45 years.
Died:  25 October, 1916.
Resided:  9 Ivy Terrace, Derry.
Born:  Kilkee, Co. Clare.

SEARL:  October 25, 1916.  Henry S. Searl, second son of George Searl
(late R.N.)  Funeral to City Cemetery from his father’s residence 9 Ivy Terrace, Londonderry, tomorrow Friday 27 inst at 2.30p.m.  Friends will please accept this intimation.
Londonderry Sentinel.  Thursday: October 26, 1916.

John James Mulholland
Aged:  31 years.
Died:  5 March, 1923.
Resided:  4 Baronet Street, Derry.
Born:  Threefield, Co. Clare.

MULHOLLAND:  March 5, 1923 at his father’s residence 4 Baronet Street, Derry.  John James Mulholland (Late P.O. & R.N.) second son of George & Kathleen Mulholland, aged 31 years R.I.P.  Funeral this Wednesday morning at 10.30 o’clock for Requiem Mass in St. Eugene’s Cathedral.  Thence to City Cemetery for interment.  Sacred Heart of Jesus have Mercy on His Soul.
Derry Journal.  Wednesday:  7 March, 1923.

Almor A. Hollingworth
Aged:  39 years.
Died:  30 December, 1924.
Resided:  19 Dunfield Terrace, Derry.
Born:  Kilrush, Co. Clare.

HOLLINGWORTH: December 30, 1924 at his father’s residence 98 Spencer Road, Waterside, Londonderry.  Almer A. the dearly beloved husband of Nellie Hollingsworth, 19 Dunfield Terrace.  Funeral to City Cemetery today Thursday at half past 2 o’clock.
Londonderry Sentinel.  Thursday:  January 1, 1925.

John Donnellan
Aged:  58 years.
Died:  17 March, 1925.
Resided:  Mount Royal. 
Born:  Co. Clare.

DONNELLAN:  March 17, 1925 at his residence Mount Royal, Londonderry.  John Donnellan (Customs & Excise) R.I.P.  His remains will be removed to St. Eugene’s Cathedral for Requiem Mass at ten o’clock, Friday morning 20th  inst. Interment immediately afterwards in City Cemetery.  Friends will please accept this intimation.
Derry Journal.  Friday:  20 March, 1925.
John Donnellan, born 20 April, 1867 son of John Donnellan and Catherine Eyres of Querrin.  Sp: Johanna Purtell.  Other siblings, Catherine, born 28 February, 1865.  John, born 20 April, 1867.  Sinon, born 30 May, 1869 and Michael, born 26 September, 1871.
My thanks to Murray Michael Ginnane for the extended family details.
Andrew S. O’Brien
Aged:  70 years.
Died:  9 March, 1927.
Resided:  23 Bond’s Hill, Derry.
Born:  Ruan, Ennis.

O’BRIEN:  March 9, 1927 at his residence Bond’s Hill, Waterside.  Andrew Stafford O’Brien.  Deeply regretted R.I.P.  Funeral private.
Derry Journal.  Friday: 11 March, 1927.
Ellen Searl
Aged:  49 years.
Died:  16 February, 1932.
Resided:  Hillcrest, Strabane, Co. Tyrone.
Born:  Clare.

No death notice.

Mary Moran
Aged:  68
Died:  19 February, 1948.
Resided:  Nazareth House, Derry.
Born:  Co. Clare.

No death notice.
Laurence Hogan
Aged:  84
Died:  16 July, 1949.
Resided:  44 Beechwood Avenue, Derry.
Born:  Co Clare.

HOGAN:  July 16, 1949 at his residence Mount Brandon, Beechwood Street, Derry.  Laurence Hogan (father of Rev William Hogan S.J. Sydney) R.I.P.  His remains will be removed today Monday, 18 inst at 10.40 am for Requiem mass in St. Eugene’s Cathedral at 11 o’clock.  Funeral to City Cemetery immediately afterwards.  Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on his Soul.
Derry Journal:  Monday, 18 July, 1949.

Michael Behan
Aged: 55 years
Died:  20 December, 1954
Resided:  37 William Street, Derry.
Born:  Clare.

No death notice.

Jane Donnell
Aged:  62 years
Died:  6 May, 1963.
Resided:  Molenan, Co. Derry.
Born:  Ennis, Co. Clare.

No death notice.

Patrick Crowley
Aged:  69 years
Died:  25 April, 1968.
Resided:  Great James Street, Derry.
Born:  Clare.

No death notice.

Patrick Burke
Aged:  82 years
Died:  13 October, 1979.
Resided:  30 Kingsfort Park, Derry.
Born:  Clare.

BURKE:  13 October, 1979 at Altnagelvin Hospital.  Patrick (Ex Sgt RIC & RUC)
Beloved husband of Bridget Burke, 30 Kingsfort Park, formerly of 145 Lone Moor Road and dear father of Eugene, Brendan, Dennis, Mary and Fr. Tom.  His remains were removed on Sunday last at 7.30pm to St. Patrick’s Church Pennyburn, Requiem mass was concelebrated at 10.00 am yesterday Monday.  Funeral took place immediately afterwards to the City Cemetery. Jesus Mercy, Mary Help.    Derry Journal:  Tuesday, 16 October, 1979.

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