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While great recognition is given to the Australian and New Zealand forces at Gallipoli on April 25, 1915, it is sometimes overlooked that forces from other countries were also involved.

Among the other countries forces at Gallipoli, were those of Ireland. However, there were many Irish born who wore the Australian uniform. 

According to an item in The Irish Echo on the 21st April, 2014, more than 6,600 Irish-born men and women served in what was known as the Australian Imperial Force during the First World War. Almost 1,000 of them died in action or from wounds suffered in battle.


May I suggest just a few sites that will give you some idea of the Irish involvement in Gallipoli.

This is a booklet you can download free of charge that discusses just one division.

Download here

To search for Irish born who served in WWI in the Australian Forces, 
please go to


  1. A great idea to highlight the contribution of that generation's "New Australians" to use the old term. We tend to think of the AIF as an homogenous group but Irish, Germans, Torres Strait islanders, Maori and our own Indigenous Australians were there, and no doubt others. It would be interesting to know more of these men rather than assume they were all of UK descent.

    1. They certainly did come from many nations, Pauleen. I stayed just with the Irish for this blog because of it's general theme. However, I have the basis for quite a few others, as it's always been something that I felt needed to be discussed more. So much emphasis has been given to English, Australian and New Zealand forces, yet so many others have almost forgotten.

      Thank you for your comment.


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