Friday, 23 December 2011



Deck the halls with boughs of holly
Here we are... at Larry's folly
Typ-ing notes in our Excel
Wishing ancestors could really tell..
All the dates we need to know..
Where on earth did they all go?

Check the dates, the names and spell - ing
Frustrated tears are sometimes welling
When copies have some info missing
Thoughts, not good, at times hissing
But fingers flying across the row..
We're helping lots, that we know.

So on with Murphy, Cleary and Kelly
With McNamara, both Pat and Molly,
Hmm, close dates there, next is Dolly..
Our Irish hearts are overflowing
We're helping all with further knowing…

Key - boards idle, time to re - est..
We know that we have done our be - est 
Feet up now, but must confess
Postie's here, we just can't wait
We're addicted … what's that date?

 Crissouli © 2010

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