Friday, 17 March 2017


Thursday 20th April
8pm Old Ground Hotel
Lecture By Dr. Paul MacCotter

Dr. Paul MacCotter will talk on Irish Surnames with emphasis on some Clare Surnames.

 Paul MacCotter, MA, Ph.D. teaches genealogy, family history, and medieval history in University College Cork and the University of Limerick.  

Since 1993 he has published widely in the fields of Genealogy Family History, Medieval History, History of Government and Church History. 

He has won prestigious research fellowships and published widely in his areas of specialty, He has written three books, has two more in press, and has made forty six contributions to various peer-reviewed journals, academic journals, and populist magazines, and has another six in press. 

He lectures regularly at academic and family history conferences and seminars. His book, Medieval Ireland: Territorial, Political and Economic divisions (Four Courts Press, 2008), is the standard reference work on the subject.

He is a contributor to the Irish Roots genealogical magazine, the Irish Genealogist academic journal, and the Irish Lives Remembered e-magazine. 

Dr MacCotter is also a genealogy lecturer at university level, currently with the Irish Ancestry Research Center of the University of Limerick and the Centre for Adult Continuing Education of University College Cork.


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