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Dr Ciarán Ó Murchadha is launching the book 'The Story of Newmarket on Fergus' on 14th December at 8.00 p.m. in the Inn at Dromoland. 

The Story of Newmarket on Fergus is written by Canon Reuben Butler and Máire Ní Ghruagáin.

Work began in 1997 on a calendar of dates to commemorate the millenium. With the retirement of Canon Butler as PP OF Newmarket on Fergus and the arrival as Parish Priest of Fr Tom Fitzpatrick in 2006,  the calendar was extended to become a history. 
The book is based on the parish of Newmarket-on-Fergus. 

Tradaree was the old name of Newmarket on Fergus and students of medieval history are mostly inclined to believe that the parish was set up by the Normans. 

The one time Parish priest Sylvester Malone might disagree. 
The educational, health and communications systems are traced to their foundation. Contact with the outside world has existed since the earliest times especially through estuary, road and railway and airport. The origins of railway road and post office feature in the book. 

Other topics which had a bearing on the parish's history such as the famine and the textile industry are outlined. The calendar of original promise is retained as a chronology of events over the centuries of the last millennium. 

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