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* Our lecture this Thursday, 19TH NOVEMBER, at 8 pm in the Old Ground Hotel is by MAURICE GLEESON. 

Many people researching their Irish family history hit a Brick Wall around the 1800-1830 time periods. Before this, records are sparse and it can be difficult to find the ones that apply to your particular ancestors. This is where DNA testing can help. Dr Maurice Gleeson will describe the 3 main types of DNA test and how each can be helpful in breaking through some of your genealogical Brick Walls. DNA testing (using a simple cheek swab) will be available after the lecture for anyone who wants it. Special discounted prices (starting at €50 (approximately) have been negotiated for this event.

From Clara..

I have had a lot of queries re our talk on Thursday, the piece below is by Paddy Waldron and gives some further information. 
We have applied to create a Clare Roots Society project at 
Our monthly meeting on Thursday 19 November will be addressed by DNA expert Maurice Gleeson, who will be collecting DNA samples on the night. This will save you shipping costs and special discounted prices have been negotiated with FamilyTreeDNA for this event.
With the help of these initiatives, we hope to get the number of people with Clare roots in the DNA databases up to the critical mass where all of those submitting their DNA can be certain that they will match a third cousin or closer who is waiting to hear from them. Early submitters who were disappointed to find that they were among the first with Clare roots in the DNA databases will be delighted to find new Clare cousins being added to their match lists.
Please consider helping us towards these objectives by submitting your DNA.

Also Paddy and Maurice will be interviewed on Clare Fm tomorrow 18th Nov.,  at 10.45am, so tune in for more information. 
On Thursday, some DNA kits will be available at the lecture. The company for these is Family tree DNA but results can be uploaded to Gedmatch after also for wider matching. Kits are paid for when you send off the kit and not on Thursday at the meeting. The price may be $89 per kit (excluding test price I believe) but we will know more on Thursday. 
We hope also to record the talk and send on link to those unable to attend. 
Hope this clarifies some of the queries

* Next Thursday the 26th of November, at 8pm, we will have the launch of the book on Ennis Cathedral (1828-2015), 
researched by John Bradley
in association with Clare Roots Society.

* On Thursday 3rd December the book 
Ballynacally / Lissycasey "The Parish and its People" 
by Mary Hester will be launched at the community centre Ballynacally at 8.00 p.m.

* This is our last meeting and the final events before Christmas so we look forward to seeing you along the way.

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