Wednesday, 19 August 2015

WATERBURY Janet Maher with John Wiehn


Every now and then, you come across someone who inspires you with their talent, their passion and their tenacity... my friend, Janet Maher, is one such person. Not satisfied with her the just sitting back and enjoying the success of her previous book...

she has spent many years researching and planning her second...  I think it best that I let her tell you about it in her own words....

" When I began seriously to do family history research in 2006 my goal was to find the wave migration link between the earliest Irish families who entered the Greater Waterbury area and their correct location in Ireland. Since physical records in the Waterbury and Naugatuck city halls do not go back to the decades that I needed, I began to study entire communities and search all available records sideways, with a deep focus upon surnames that applied to my extended lines. Nine years, countless hours, transcriptions, archive notes, photographs taken, restored and digitized, files, books read and a great deal of money later, I am publishing my second book. 

This time I invited John Wiehn to collaborate with me on the project. For a long time John has, in different ways, been collecting information about the Irish of Waterbury. He has shared some of that with me for this book. We have compiled photographs and done interviews with many people over the past year and one half. Along with further research and help from many sources, I have written a text that brings the background of the Waterbury Irish together from the earliest days into the present with stories from people who reside in and around our mutual hometown.

 I will be putting a link on the blog site   from which the book can be ordered. It will also be available on Amazon and as an ebook."
 Janet Maher

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