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It’s not the easiest thing to do to write seven things about yourself and what I love… but, here goes…in my own way…seven lines.

                                    SEVEN LINES OF ME

 A love of books is in my blood, for writing and words form my soul..

to reach out to people, and share in their dreams, I’ve made my lifetime goal…

I love the raindrops on my face and the clear blue skies of spring…

and rainbows with promises of elusive dreams and children who laugh and sing.

I’ve a passion for fabrics and needles and thread... and flowers that dance in the breeze.

I’m also intrigued by those who have passed, just wish I could find them with ease!

So here’s my offer to you, a glimpse of my life, it’s simply a minuscule tease…                                                

© Crissouli October 12, 2014


  1. Look forward to unteasing more about you over time :)

  2. Best of luck :-) I'm sure we both have lots to learn...


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