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9 Francis Brew of Kilrush, married at her father's house in Leadmore to Mary Madigan Daughter of John Madigan.
8 Michl. Corry of Kildysert Parish mar. at Knockerra Chapel to Betty Bran of Breaghfa niece of Sinon Madigan, in presence of Peter Corry Mary Kean & Michl. Mahony.
9 Thomas Moroney of Kilrush mar. to Mary Hurley in presence of Cath. Meara Martin Moroney & Michael Morrissy Dispensdatis in .... (unreadable Latin).
10 Laurence Quin of Carhudota mar. in Kilrush Chapel to Mary Monsell daughter of Thomas Monsell of Donogrogue, James Monsell, Thos. Wilson & Mary Slattery, present.
10 Martin O'Brien son of Patt O'Brien Moyadda mar. in Kilrush Chapel to Mary Donohoe servant at Ths. Madigan's Leadmore, present Pat McGrath, John McGrath ??? McGrath.
10 John Clune of Kilrush mar. in Kilrush Chapel to Catherine Balton d. of Thomas Balton Glin in presence of Anthony Ryan Cath McGrath Margaret Ryan.
10 Richard Cavanagh Leadmore mar. in Kilrush Chapel to Joan McNamara in presence of Batt McNamara of Leadmore her father ???? Kelly % Thos. Cavanagh.
10 Laurence Griffey of Monemore mar. in Kilrush Chapel to Anne Lynch of Monemore in presence of John Griffey Michael McDonnell & Mary Griffey.
10 Michael McDonnell of Knockerra mar. in Kilrush Chapel to Anne Magner? of Knockerra in presence of Michael Magner Henry Blake & Margaret Blake.
10 Thos. Burke? of Kilmacduane Parish mar. at her father's house in Monemore to Ellen Whelan d. of John Whelan, present Pat McGrath Martin Haugh & Richd. Burke.
11 George Holland son Pat Holland Monemore, mar. in Kilrush Chapel to Ann Lucas d. of John Lucas Kilcarrol in presence of Pat Holland, Michl. & Joan Lucas.
11 James Sullivan son of ?????? Sullivan Leadmore mar. in Kilrush Chapel to Margaret McNamara Leadmore in presence of Thos. Mahony Ma?? Gorman. (note added " dead ?????? 69.? "
11 Thomas Mangan Donogrogue mar. in Kilrush Chapel to Marg. Driscoll Donogrogue in presence of James Driscoll Margaret Cleary & Mary Mangan.
11 Conor Brody of Carhufree mar. in Kilrush Chapel to Anistace? Cavanagh d. of Pat Cavanagh of Burrane in presence of Pat Cavanagh ????? ????? & Ellen Lynch. a dispensation granted in 3rd & 4th .....????
11 Darby MacGrath of Disert mar. in Kilrush Chapel to Mary Quinlivan d. of Michl. Quinlivan Ballimacrevan in presence of John Quinlivan ??????

My interest is in the Monsell entry, 11


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