Wednesday, 5 September 2012

NEWSPAPERS are the community

Newspapers are a great source of information... be sure to check archives, libraries, maybe even the local office of the newspapers in your selected areas. 

 As they are always being added to, do return from time to time, just in case something is added that may be relevant to your research.

*  I am a great fan of Trove, the digitised 'newspapers plus site' here in Australia... 

  Try typing in the County of your choice, you might be surprised how much news was in the Australian papers about Ireland.

 There are so many sites to choose from wherever your search leads to...

*   a paid subscription site

*  this is from the National Library of Ireland  then on to newspapers.....
   As my main interest is in Co Clare,  and around Ennis, that is what I searched for, newspapers available in Ennis, Co Clare...   which delivered the following..... 

   you can click on the links for your own search, or go to page 2 as you wish.

  Good luck...

Newspaper Database

A listing of newspaper titles held in the National Library of Ireland, including information from the Newsplan Project.

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Clare Examiner and Limerick Advertiser  (Ennis, began publication 1878)
Clare Freeman and Ennis Gazette  (Ennis, began publication 1853)
Clare Independent and Tipperary Catholic Times  (Ennis, began publication 1875)
Clare Journal and Ennis Advertiser  (Ennis, began publication 1778)
Clare Man  (Ennis, began publication 1896)
Clare News  (Ennis, began publication 1979)
Clare People  (Ennis, began publication 1977)
Clare People  (Ennis, began publication 2005)
Clare Weekly News  (Ennis, began publication 1878)
Ennis Chronicle and Clare Advertiser  (Ennis, began publication 1784)

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