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We often decry the lack or remaining or available Census data for Ireland,
but there are a number of Census substitutes, other than Griffith's Valuations,
which most of us know and use. One of the best lists I have seen is at

This is just a lead in... for full details please go to the link above...
another great asset provided by The Irish Times.

Eighteenth & Nineteenth Century Census Substitutes

The Convert Rolls
Protestant Householders
Elphin Diocesan Census
The Religious Survey of 1766
Dissenters' petitions, 1775
Offical Papers & petitions
Charleton Trust Fund
Spinning Wheel Premium Lists
Persons who suffered losses in 1798
1803 Agricultural census
Tithe Applotment Books
Reproductive Loan Fund Records
National School Records
Workhouse records
Griffiths Valuation
Landowners in Ireland
Lists of Freeholders
Voters Lists and Poll Books
Electoral Records

1703-1838: The Convert Rolls

Eileen O Byrne, Irish Manuscripts Commission, 1981. A list of those converting from Catholicism to the Church of Ireland. The bulk of the entries date from 1760 to 1790.

1740: Protestant householders

This applies to parts of Counties Antrim, Armagh, Derry, Donegal and Tyrone. Arranged by barony and parish, it gives names only. Parts are at the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, The Genealogical Office, the National Library of Ireland and the Representative Church Body Library.

Much more available at the link above.


  1. This is a great list..I'll be spending some time looking at what's available. Some new for me.

  2. There are some new for me also...


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