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This may be of interest to those concerned with genealogy and DNA

I have no further information, please contact the list at the link at the end of this message.

Dear Administrator, The surname that is the subject of your list is
one related to the sept called the Corca Laidhe which originated in
West Cork many centuries ago. We have started a new message list to
cover all these surnames and the related DNA. If you have no
objections could you please post this message on your list as we would
welcome your subscribers to join this new list in addition to your own
current list:

Introduction to the Corca Laidhe message list:

The goals of the project are to see if DNA can corroborate the
genealogies of the Corca Laide and to identify the DNA signatures of
the surnames in those genealogies. Currently the focus is on building
a haplotype database for names said to have sprung from the Corca
Laidhe. The data is made available to other investigators and family
historians for analysis as may suit their purpose on the project
website at

The genealogy of the Corca Laidhe is described by John O'Donovan in
his treatise published in 1849 by the Celtic Society in the book
"Miscellany of the Celtic Society". The book is online as both a
scanned copy and a transcribed copy; see:'

The genealogy is not straight forward, there is conflicting
information in O'Donovan and only a few of the names have pedigrees.
There are other sources to consider. A subsidiary purpose of the
project is to compile the genealogy of the Corca Laidhe so that
pertinent data is collected.

I, Colin Ferguson, act as the project admin and the project spun off
of the Driscoll
project which I also administer. Co-Admin Janet Crawford is an avid
researcher of the Corca Laidhe, being descended from Cuileannain,
hereditary chief of the Corca Laidhe. Co-Admin Martha Bowes is Admin
of the Bowes DNA Project and is archive holder for the Guild of
One-Name Studies on behalf of the Bowes.

This list provides a means for interested parties to contribute to the
project via discussion of both the DNA data and the attendant
genealogy of the Corca Laidhe. Such discussion is essential as
assistance is required with both technical issues and in research on
particular surnames.

To join the Corca Laidhe list:

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