Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Clarecastle & Ballyea
Land & People

A wonderful new book is been launched on the history of Clarecastle and Ballyea.
The book will be available for sale on the night. 

Monday, 18 August 2014



Are you related to the Hickey family from Castleconnell, Co Clare, Ireland?

Michael J. Hickey thought he could be...

An interesting article appeared in the Arizona, USA,Weekly Journal-Miner, June 15, 1910, page 3, image 3.

This article was kindly shared by Natasha Coombes,  who came across it while transcribing death notices...

Wonder if Michael J. Hickey found his fortune?

Friday, 15 August 2014



My friend, Pauleen, alias cassmob, decided that we needed to be just a little busier for National Family History Month, so decided to set a geneameme for us...

 I'll thank her later ...

1. What are you doing for NFHM?

         Other than this geneameme, adding many more photos to my Irish Graves site and continuing with my other blogs and transcriptions.


2.       What do you hope to learn in NFHM?

          I'm always interested to see how others approach various subjects and how they look in different sources.

3. Do you research at a family or local history library?

         Not as often as I'd like to…

4. Do you do all your research online?
         No, some at libraries, a lot by reading and going through family documents, etc. and corresponding/talking with others. 

5. What’s your favourite place to store your family tree?
         Electronically, on Mac Family Tree, but I also use Family Tree Maker, minimal trees on Ancestry and lots of hard copies, as well as back ups on external drives and dvds/cds.

6. If offline, which genealogy program do you use? (do tell us its strengths/weaknesses if you like)

         See above… all have their strengths and weaknesses and all suit some better than others..  I like the reports and charts I can get from Mac Family Tree. I also use the mobile versions of MFT and Ancestry so I always have access to my data.

7. How do you preserve your family stories for future generations?
         By sharing hard copies with the few that are interested and also through my goopy-gatherers group, as well as social media.

8. Have you any special research projects on the go?

         Always :-) Other than my blogs, I am currently transcribing any Co Clare related family notices from Trove, I work with the Clare Roots Society as their Australian Diaspora Co ordinator and we are in the end stages of a project re the Clare involvement with the Papal Army in the 1800's…We have transcribed huge volumes of BDMs, most of which are available visa the Clare Library and the Ennis Cathedral site, Genealogy section.

9. What is your favourite family history research activity?

         Interaction with others and being able to guide those just starting, also writing and sharing.

10. What is your favourite family history research place/library etc?

         Queensland State Library, National Archives Qld…

11. What is your favourite website for genealogy research?

        TROVE ( Australia's digital newspapers and publications) followed closely by Clare Library

12. Are you part of a Facebook genealogy group? If so which one?

         Many, but I am an ADMIN for Co Clare Ireland genealogy and love the friendliness and knowledge that abound there, with so many willing to help each other.

13. Do you use webinars or podcasts for genealogy? Any tips?

        Rarely, I simply don't have time to do all.

14. Do you use social media? eg Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn

        Facebook re Q. 12, also in a smaller way, Google+

 15. What genealogy topic/class have you learnt the most from this year at a webinar/conference/seminar?

        None, family commitments, plus other groups such as the Brisbane BLarney Bunch Lunches as well as all above take my time…

16. Do you have a favourite research strategy to knock down your brick walls?

         Tenacity and revisiting those places I have been, you never know what has been added or what you may have overlooked.

17. Have you used DNA testing for your genealogy?


18. Have you made cousin connections through your DNA tests?


19. Do you have a wish list of topics for NFHM 2015?

        Not really, just wish Australia would keep and had kept all the census information collected. Then I hope that the Irish government would release more, particularly bring back the records recently withdrawn thanks to not thinking about privacy issues re the living.

20. What do you most love about your family history research?

         The chase, the discovery of previously unknown stories, of realising that no matter what generations we are looking at, we all have had similar problems and achievements and most do the best they can for the time. I also love discovering that others had similar talents, skills and interests to those we share today. Being able to place family events in time of world events combines my love of family as well as love of history… what's not to love? I also truly value the friendships of like minded people…


"If you ever go across the sea to Ireland,
Then maybe at the closing of your day................."

 Many of you will recognise the lyrics as the first lines to Galway Bay..
 some of you will have grown up with the longing to head to Ireland,  the land of our ancestors.

  While the song is about Galway Bay, it typifies the need to 'go home'... a friend of mine has just done so, 
not for the first time, but for a very specific reason... to be at the launch of a book she was involved in the 
compilation of, as much of it was about her Pilkington family. 

Her name is Katrina Vincent and the book is WATERPARK HOUSE... I have written about the book, 
it's authors and content several times, including the book launch...

 Katrina gave a presentation at that time, details above, but she didn't only attend that. Her travels around Ireland make interesting reading and you can read all about her travels on her newly released blog..


 Katrina is only part of the way through writing about her travels and is adding to it regularly. She gives lots of details about the people, the places she visited and includes many photos.  I hope that you not only enjoy her writing, but encourage her to keep doing so. this blog will continue as a means of recording her family history.



Did you know that you can download photos from the Clare Library, even under copyright, for your own personal use?
This is even more impressive if you are able to find photos of your family, maybe the homes they lived in, or where they worked, etc. to add to your own family history files or stories. Make your family history live... There are around 25,000 images available in Foto... surely something to please everyone.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Survey of Churches and Graveyards Collection - complete collection of photos now online

With thanks to the CLARE COUNTY LIBRARY BLOG...

This is well worth a look.

Clare County Library Blog: Survey of Churches and Graveyards Collection - complete collection of photos now online

Thursday, 7 August 2014


Subject: New Files added to the IGP archives 7/15 - 7/31

CAVAN Genealogy Archives - Headstones
Denn Cemetery, (near Drumavaddy Church)

CLARE Genealogy Archives - Headstones
St. Mary's, Quin, Partial - needs more!

NB: new addition Headstones INAGH.. selected number

DONEGAL Genealogy Archives - Church Records
Ballyshannon Births (Kilbarron) C. Of I. Part 2, 1872-1899

DUBLIN Genealogy Archives - Headstones
Mount Jerome, Dublin - Part 82 & 83

DUBLIN Genealogy Archives - Headstones
Deansgrange Cemetery, S.W. Section Part 6

FERMANAGH Genealogy Archives - Headstones
Aghavea Church Cemetery - New Section

FERMANAGH Genealogy Archives - Photos
Druminiskill Church Photo

LOUTH Genealogy Archives
Louth Men who joined the Irish Constabulary - 1849

MAYO Genealogy Archives - Military & Constabulary
Mayo Men who joined the Irish Constabulary - 1849

MEATH Genealogy Archives - Military & Constabulary
Meath Men who joined the Irish Constabulary - 1849

MONAGHAN Genealogy Archives - Military
Monaghan 1849 5K Jul 2014 Richard Leonard Irish Constabulary

WICKLOW Genealogy Archives - Headstones
Baltyboys Cemetery Part 3

Many thanks!